Thursday, 6 December 2012

Malyasian, Peruvian and Indian hair

Hi ladies,

I'm back with some great news.
A lot of you guys wanted to buy hair last semester, but complained that it was way to pricey (it's not btw, that's the market price in Namibia, but hey) so I spoke to the rentals and they agreed to sell them at a lekka discount. Yay!!

So here's the deal.
You guys have to make orders and ACTUALLY BUY the hair. You either wait for me to bring the hair to Grahamstown in mid January OR I can ship it to you for an extra R200 or so, depending where you live. There's a 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase within a week of having it put in. :)

Note: These prices are ONLY available to people in Grahamstown (not selling to Namibians especially). SORRY chaps.

Price list (prices below are for 2 packets):

12" = R750
14" = R850
16" = R950
18" = R1050
22" = R1100
24"= R1300

*Textures: Straight, wavy, body wave, water wave, deep wave & kinky curly (see picture below for your reference).

a) commenting on this post
b) sending me a DM or mentioning me on twitter (Rosey_Ann)
c) whatsapping me (0725101957)

The sooner you place your orders, the sooner I'll have the hair. (Don't forget to indicate whether you want Indian, Malaysian or Peruvian hair)


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