Thursday, 23 August 2012

Indian hair for sale.

Hey lovely ladies,

I'm selling 100% Indian Remy hair at very affordable prices.  They come in various lengths and textures.

The prices are as follows:

14"  straight/wavy             R 750 x 2 packets = R 1500
16"  straight/wavy             R 800 x 2 packets = R 1600
18"  straight                      R 850 x 2 packets = R 1700

*The curly hair is currently out of stock. 

Abit pricey? Probably. But in the long run it is worth the initial investment because it lasts longer than the beauty supply store hair and is a much much better value.

Below are a few pictures of my friends and I rocking the hair (that I'm selling) for a little motivation. :)

Sleek salon blowout

Soft curls

Self-made waves

A little bit of bleach here and there

NOT a lace wig!!!

Natural curl

Hurry while stocks last!!!!!!! :)

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