Monday, 31 October 2011

Kim Kdivorce...

I know I'm supposed to be studying, but my computer rudely forced me to open it and check out the social networking scene.
Honestly, you would think that my laptop would understand that I have more important things to do, buuuut my hands were tied so I admitted defeat and voila.

Anyway, it is with a heavy heart that I must deliver the tragic news that Kim Kardashian's sham marriage to professional athlete Kris Humphries has ended. SHOCKER???!! Not really. A part of me always knew it wasn't going to last, but I was hoping it would because Kim seemed like she was in it for real. Perhaps what is upsetting is how trivial they (and the rest of Hollywood) take and view marriage. To read more, go to E!online.

Twitter reactions:

  • @_Happy_Gilmore_ Kim Kardashian is getting divorced? Not surprising. Considering her relationships last about as long as a Dallas Cowboy 4th qtr lead. 
  • @GloZell REASONS YOURE SINGLE ... because you married Kim Kardashian. 
  • @Mr_rugamba Breaking News: Mr. Kim Kardashian is now returning to his role as benchwarmer at whatever NBA team he plays 4. oh sh*t theres a
  • @ArnieCakes You all know Kim Kardashian considers herself to be Elizabeth Taylor, who had multiple marriages. Maybe she's trying to be like her.

Twitter is going hard on KK, but she paid for it I guess.
Alrighty, back to my books. Hope you guys are studying hard.

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