Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

When done correctly hair weaves are enhancers. That's all. No one is making any great political statement by getting a hair weave. If you have thin hair, you can have thick hair in no time and you can have straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair in a flash. It is a great way to allow your own hair a
break. And it can be taken off and put back on at anytime.

A gorgeous hair weave effect can be produced with hair extensions, quality
human hair, hair braiding, hair wigs and a good hairstylist.
There's Indian remy hair, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Chinese hair. My personal
favourite is Indian and it costs my parents about R2000 to buy the weave and
have it put in, but that's NOTHING compared to what a lot of people pay to get their hair done.

What is it, you ask? Why can't we just love the hair we were born with? With the number of "tortures" many of us have subjected our hair to, it's a miracle that we have any hair left at all. With the dominance of weaves, we neglect our God-given hair and it has become common place for many of us. I know a few girls that have
literally hidden their hair away under a weave or wig for so long and have just given up on it and sworn allegiance to hair weaves for life. But it doesn't necessarily have to go down like that.

When the time finally comes when you accept yourself and your natural hair
texture that is when you will feel you are beautiful. The most amazing part
about finally reaching that point is the sense of liberation that comes with
it. But time is of the essence in order to reach the point where you feel
beautiful and liberated with your natural hair texture and yourself overall.


team Natural.

team Natural

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