Monday, 30 April 2012

Justine's Birthday picnic ♥

In celebration of Justine's birthday, she decided to have a picnic with 8 of her closest girlfriends. The point was for us to dress-up, look pretty, eat, gossip, dance, take pics, and enjoy each other's company and best believe that's exactly what we did.
Here are some of the pics. :)     


♥ the jumpsuit

She hooked us up with some some great music
Enjoying some African jams

Patiently waiting for the next song...
finger lickin' good

The Birthday girl

Anastacia doing her thang!

To Justine......

How amazing is Dilim's bow?

 Wilhelmina and I

The wine finally starting to kick in

Photo shoot moment... (((((GOOOOO)))))

Love this pic....

What a well spent afternoon.
Happy birthday Jay... :)x

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